i decided to remove that last journal. i wont be attracting anyone into our group if i start generating drama in it..

im sorry guys xD

i was just using it as an outlet and now i realized that was a retarded thing to do, since i have my own journal for that sort of stuff.

anyway try and get people to join! xD
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Six Flags Opens Tomarrow.

Well, six flags opens to the public for the season tomarrow.
but the biggest change from the last few years ive worked there is that this year im gonna be a LEAD
and in charge of my own stand pretty much because my supervisor switched departments xD

i make kettlecorn over a big firey hot black cauldron of doom, which for some reason people dont like doing cause its.. hot o.o

but its alot of fun and i love making it xD

i SHOULD be getting a pay raise, but i dont think i will since they've already given me a larger than normal raise for coming back this year

so im in charge of KettleCorn at Six Flags New England this year.

all you guys better come visit me and buy my tasty treats >:3

other than that, im nervous about going in tomarrow cause:
1) i have to ride my bike and im severely out of shape and its mostly uphill.
2)i dont know who i will be working with or if they will even be able to handle the job
3) i have to go in early to make kettlecorn because i didnt go in today or yesterday to do it x.x
4)new procedures that they've put in place are gonna be ridiculously tiresome to have to do when i get in >.>;

but on a lighter note, im thinking about arranging a furmeet this summer for any furs who wanna go, youll be able to get into six flags for free using my free passes, but ill only be able to drag 8 people who dont wanna pay along with me and 2 of those slots are automatically filled by Rain and Laveur since they help me manage the group and are awesome people.

so if you think youd like to go just comment here, and as i get closer to getting 8 tickets ill start trying to set a date, but for now its just a plan

anyway seeya =D
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Massive Headache of Doom.

alright, so i just came home from oklahoma yesterday, and on the second flight i got this massive MASSIVE headache

in which, it feels like my brain above my right eye is being stung by bees over and over <.<;;

it went away after i fell asleep, but after being up for qa little while it came back. so i drugged myself up on painkillers and went back to sleep

just recently woke up and it came back again x.x

it sucks

first post

this community is for furries in the New England area to tell stories about anything that might give a laugh, or a smile or anything of that nature!

also, hoping that at some point we could expand on this community and make furmeet in the area for the people who dont/cant/wont go to the Rocky Hill diner meets. but that wont be for a while.
for now this will just be a place for you guys to post what you think is interesting, funny, or weird =P

i will request not posting real life pics of yourself in sexual situations though!
yiff is fine as long as its behind a cut marked nsfw

im sure ill come up with other rules as things progress but for now just have fun!

i check livejournal often out of boredom so you can always reach me here on LJ
but if that isnt expedient enough, feel free to IM me at:
AIM: floffyraccoon

anyway thats all for now, thanks for joining!