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~Furry Wonderland~

For Furries In New England

Share Something Special With Furries in the Area!
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A place for New England Furs, Possibly to start a new furmeet in the area
this community is for furries in the New England area to tell stories about anything that might give a laugh, or a smile or anything of that nature!

also, hoping that at some point we could expand on this community and make furmeet in the area for the people who dont/cant/wont go to the Rocky Hill diner meets. but that wont be for a while.
for now this will just be a place for you guys to post what you think is interesting, funny, or weird =P

i will request not posting real life pics of yourself in sexual situations though!
yiff is fine as long as its behind a cut marked nsfw

im sure ill come up with other rules as things progress but for now just have fun!

i check livejournal often out of boredom so you can always reach me here on LJ
but if that isnt expedient enough, feel free to IM me at:
AIM: floffyraccoon
msn: raccoonhero@hotmail.com
yahoo: racoonkeyblader@yahoo.com

anyway thats all for now, thanks for joining!